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Cambridgeshire Mencap

Meet us

Meet us

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Eddie's is the voice of learning disability in our county.

Everything we do is about valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, and their families and carers.

What do we want (our vision)

Our vision is a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included. We want everyone to have the opportunity to achieve the things they want out of life.

How we will achieve this (our mission)

We will work across Cambridgeshire to provide lifelong opportunities for people with learning disabilities to create the lifestyle they choose and be equal and active members of the community.

What we will do to achieve our mission (our strategic objectives)

  • Business Development : Extend and broaden our services across Cambridgeshire to people of all ages with learning disabilities.
  • Service Delivery : Deliver excellent services that are flexible and responsive to individual needs.
  • Financial : Build a financially robust and sustainable future for our staff and service users.
  • People Management : Attract, develop and retain high quality, effective staff who are committed to improving the lives of people with learning disabilities.

We believe in (our core values):

  • being people centred
  • empowering, including and respecting all people
  • challenging our ways of working
  • transforming lives
  • being brave and developing new ideas
  • promote positive views of learning disabilities

What this means in practice

People centred - our focus is on those who use our services, their families and carers, our staff, partners and other stakeholders - these people determine and drive all we do.

Empowering - those who use our services and our staff are empowered to make decisions that affect their lives and work, they are consulted about the best way of working and about change. We treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect.

Challenging - we are a learning organisation, we aim for continuous improvement and listen to ideas and suggestions for development and improvement. We challenge existing perceptions of learning disability and the limitations placed on those with learning disabilities by society.

Transforming - we seek to make a difference to people's lives; for service users and their families, this means radically improving their life experience for the better - for our staff it means investing in each individual to maximise their potential and achieve the very best they can.

Being brave - we aim to encourage innovation, creativity and flexibility and are prepared to take risks in responding to opportunities that achieve our vision and mission.

Promoting positive views - we influence others and draw on proven best practice to inform ways in which we support people with learning disabilities and their families.

What we do

What we do

We help people do the things they enjoy most, make new friends, learn new skills and become more independant.

Make a donation

Your support helps us empower people with learning disabilities and their families. It helps them live the lives they want.

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