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Extreme Ironists raise £338.75 for The Rosewood Sun-room Appeal and Artworks

Iron Ladies Take the Everyday to the Extreme


For those with learning disabilities, every day life can prove to be extremely challenging. And so it was for this reason that Antonia and Emma chose to take an everyday activity - ironing - to an extreme.

They unleashed their domestic prowess on Cambridge on 22nd May. They ironed on board a punt; they ironed at the top of Great St Mary's tower; they ironed outside Swiss Laundry, Cambridge's long-standing laundry company; and they took their boards and irons to the highest peak in the city, Castle Mound.

Extreme Ironing is a recognised sport often performed by serious athletes on some of the worlds largest summits.

Emma, whose ironing name is Singe, said, 'It was pretty extreme just getting the ironing boards up the tower at Great St Mary's. And when we went down the river we had Japanese tourists taking pictures and people offering us extension leads. Everyone was really supportive.' Antonia, whose ironing name is Crease, is a natural ironist and superb ironing athelete. Both girls vowed to be back next year and to take the sport to the next level, always starting with the collars.

338.75 was raised for The Rosewood Sun-room and Artworks. If you are a local Cambridge company and would like to sponsor us to do a bespoke extreme ironing event for you in return for a donation, do contact Emma. Our irons are always in the fire!

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