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Story; 'Halloween Party From Another World'


Story; 'Halloween Party From Another World'

Eddie's Volunteer programme offers an opportunity for new friendship. Here, volunteer befriender Katie Keeble and befriendee Catherine Somerville have together written a spooky story to send shivers down your spine!

On the 2nd of November 2013, a pirate called Mystic was getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Now, her friend a witch called Esmarelda was also going but her sister, a pumpkin called Aurora was being invited too. Aurora, the pumpkin was picking Mystic up from her house on her broomstick and they were going to see some spectacular fireworks before meeting up with Aurora's friends. Now the fireworks, were just 10 mins away from their final destination, what a sight that beheld their eyes, a funfair with candyfloss, toffee apples and hot dogs that could make you very hungry. What delicious smells, beheld their noses. That was the start of a magical night. The fireworks started about 7:30pm, they used every colour of the rainbow that you could imagine and the noise was astounding, there were fireworks that went badda boom badda bang with twirlers, sparkling in the night sky. There was also music that made you want to dance to the beat. They played starwars, a song by adele and other songs too. The fireworks made you want to go ohh, ahh, wow and they also played supercalafragilisticexpealidocious. Mystic, Esmarelda and Aurora met up with Blackjack the cat, Jupiter the witch with an orange hat that reminded you of the warm glow from a bonfire and Pluto the skeleton. They all hitched a ride on Jupiter's broomstick and were hanging on for dear life as Jupiter was notoriously known for breaking the speed limit! They arrived at a dark cave, where they noticed that Jupiter was boiling a witches brew which included lizards tongues, frogs eyes, newt tails and rotten eggs, that was thoroughly enjoyable to their taste. To liven up their everyday wear, they were going to use a secret weapon that was their unique make-up, which would make them stand out from the crowd. The pirate known as Mystic had a gothic ship that was manned by a crew of 1 million. At all times, they manned the stations, hoping not to crash into anything on the way. They all arrived safely at the Halloween party being held in a haunted castle, where they would stay the night. The party had started and there were revolting drinks of every kind you couldn't possibly imagine, the food included a buffet of creepy crawlies and other messy stuff, too. There was going to be games, they got involved in, one was a trick or treat game, where they had to take it in turns to do disgusting tricks, some were really frightening. The other games were, you had pin the tail on the on the mummy, another was, you had to use an old dusty straw to suck up eyeballs that was covered by this sickening water. The other games were too gross to mention. They had a syringe which had some form of drink in it, the lady who was the angel of death gave them one each, it was up to 15 mils. Again, they were of different substances, beyond anything, they had tasted before. There was another game where all the friends had to taste the angel of deaths nibbles, including cat poo, deep-fried lice, and goulish green cabbage on sticks. After the party there was a tour of the haunted castle by candlelight - which was super duper, curling toes and spine tinglingly creepy to say the least. First to see in the house was the basement kitchen where the doors creaked and the pots and pans rattled with the sound of the wind that swept through the room, when there was no window open to be seen. Next up was the attik with a spread of cobwebs and old spell books stashed away for safe keeping, as well as rusty trunks filled to the brim with old mouldy clothes dating back centuries and perfect for the friends to look spectacular. So, they all digged in and took an old hat, lace gloves, bodice and witches boots. "This is perfect for our next night out" they thought. They left the ghosts and creapy crawlies behind and were happily on their merry way, when as they were waving goodbye, their host for the night seemed to completely disappear in thin air before their eyes. "OH MY GOODNESS" they all said in chorus and quickly headed for the gates to exit... 

All five friends headed back home each going their individual and unique ways, black Jack cat on her flying carpet, Pluto the skelton in his Jeep made of bones, Mystic the pirate on her gothic ship, Esmarelda with the click of her fingertips, Auora the Pumpkin with her round belly rolling down the hill and Juniper the witch on her trusty broomstick! Tomorrow folks, was a new day amongst friends and creepy crawlies for the five friends had plans for their Christmas Shindig extravaganza…. Another story for another time and another place!

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