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Catering & hospitality course

Catering & hospitality course

St Johns College - Internship study programme

†Is this course for you?

Huntingdonshire Regional College work in partnership with St. Johnís College Cambridge and Eddies to deliver an off- site study programme for those learners who are interested in a career in Catering and Hospitality. The programme is delivered in the Catering and Conference Department of St Johns College in Cambridge. Learners will have practical experience of working in the kitchen, plate wash, Buttery (cafeteria) and the Combination Room (formal Fellows dining room).

What you will study?

Learners will work towards a Gateway Certificate in Skills for hospitality and catering building on the intro to catering programme. The topics to be covered are Introduction to the Hospitality industry, Customer Service, Basic Cooking, Basic food prep, serving food and drink, using numeracy skills at work and conduct at work. Maths and English are embedded within work skills and functional maths and English will be delivered in a classroom setting. Foundation food hygiene. On a Monday the learners have a cooking session at an off- site kitchen: they shop, prepare, cook and serve a two course meal in which they eat for their lunch. Learners have an opportunity to take part in work experience. †

What the course covers?

The course covers a range of basic catering and hospitality skills, providing those who take part with:

∑†††††††† A good foundation in the catering and hospitality industry

∑†††††††† The chance to develop numeracy, literacy and social skills

∑†††††††† The chance to build their confidence, independence and self-esteem

∑†††††††† A fun, busy and varied learning environment

What qualifications do you need to join?


How will you be assessed?


What can you do after the Study Programme?

Year 1 and 2 assessment is through a portfolio for the Gateway qualification, Year 1 can lead onto year 2. Year 2 may lead onto employment or assist access to a higher level of qualification for the catering and hospitality sector.†



Additional information

The programme is three days a week for 38 weeks.

Learners are also able to take part in work experience placements within local businesses.

Contact information

For more information please contact Isabel Powell

Tel: 01223 765613

Email: IPowell@camre.ac.uk

Tel Eddies: 01223 883130

Itís a good opportunity because you can learn lots of great skills like knowing what the danger zone is and different coloured boards for the food groups


2015 Graduation:

St Johns

Lee receiving his certificate from Prof Dobson Ė Master of St Johns College

St Johns

Lawrence and the group presenting Jeanette with a bouquet

St Johns

2015 Graduates



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